Top 5 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Published: 17th April 2009
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What is it about "the ex?" Your relationship could have ended years ago or yesterday. It doesn't really matter. Past relationships haunt us like a love-sick ghost, and for so many of us, questions pertaining to our ex influence so many of our decisions in the present-day, it's sick.

But what if the siren-call of a long lost love seems less of a fantasy and more of a reality? Sure, obsessing over an ex who's clearly moved on is a probably not a smart idea. But what if it seems, against all odds, that you're ex is still interested? Then maybe, just maybe, we're dealing with a horse of a different color. Let's count down the five signs that your ex still loves you:

5.) Sudden, unsolicited re-surfacing. You haven't heard from your ex in ages. In fact, you can't even recall their full name (at least not with some difficulty). And then suddenly, a strangely familar number shows up on your phone. No mistake about it: an ex's attempt to connect with you, especially after a drawn out period of separation, often indicates a desire to re-kindle past romance. You might jump at the opportunity to grab a quick drink and re-connect. However, be wary. If your ex just ended a relationship, you may be part of a less desirable scenario: rebound!

4.) Gifts, gifts, gifts! Okay, so maybe you and your ex are still close. And sure, maybe you occasionally pick up a small token for your ex on their birthday/Christmas/what have you. However, if Valentine's Day roles around and you find yourself with a thoughtful, expensive, or unexpected ex-sent gift, something else may be going on. Many people express their feelings through presents, and if a gift is meant to deliver a significant meaning, it's often easy to tell. Jewelry, clothes, home-made food, or anything else with specific personal appeal may indicate a renewed romantic interest. And if you receive roses, forget about it.

3.) Your friend is my friend. Many times, instead of re-connecting with you, an ex may reach out to a member of your inner circle. Mutual friends are often less intimidating to an ex and provide a direct informational path right to you. Through a mutual friend, an ex can indicate renewed interest or remorse over a past break-up. So if your best gal pal mentions a surprise run-in with Mr. Ex, and endorses how "truly sorry he seemed," something may be up. However, mutual friend/ex relationships can sometimes be a gray area. Be sure to clarify exactly what communication went on and the tone of the interaction to be certain that your ex is truly trying to make a connection with you.

2.) Touchy-feely. Probably one of the creepier indications that your ex may still be interested, you'll know this sign right off the bat: that ex can't keep their hands to themself. They jump on the opportunity to hug, maybe even plant a peck on the cheek and as the night wears on, Ex seems stuck on you like a a bad smell. Whether or not this is affection is desired, make sure that, if you do plan to re-kindle a relationship with a past love, you don't start it out solely on a physical level. Sleeping with an ex after a night of brief reconnection can lead to a vicious cycle of booty-call mahem. Unless, of course, that's what you're looking for...

1.) "Let's Get Back Together!" Alright, this may not be the most common sign that your ex still loves you, but it is unmistakable and clear. If your ex stages a seemingly thought-out, sincere, and heart-felt bid to win you back, take notice. This sign may take the form of a (1) letter, (2) phone call, (3) personal confrontation, or, the even less common (4) playing of a stereo outside your bedroom window.

Now, whether or not you've been dreaming of this scenario for decades or it comes as an unwelcome surprise, there's a few things you'll want to note. If your previous break-up involved a major romantic faux pas (ie your ex cheated on you), their declaration had sure as hell better include some solid groveling.

Even if this isn't the case, a declaration of continuing love requires some thought on your part. However romantic this encounter may be, if starting up a past relationship is something you might actually want to do, a serious sit-down with a discussion of past mistakes and relationship issues is required before you can move forward.

If, after scanning this list it seems you may be dealing with a potential reconciliation, you've got some serious work ahead. Click here to learn the top way to get back with your ex!

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